Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.

Otchiy Dim

Our centers for working with orphans and children deprived of parental care are situated 5 km far from Kyiv, in Petrivske village. Projects that help young orphans, disabled children, lonely aged people, that prevent orphanhood, that work with humanitarian aid are situated in Petrivske, in Kyiv and Radomyshl.

Thanks to realization of projects and programs of “Otchiy Dim” every month over 5000 destitute receive help.

Our Mission is to help a child in difficult life situation, thereby change the generation, build the future and create the history.

Our Vision: We see Ukraine as country where every child with difficult life situation receives timely professional social and spiritual help, have opportunity to live in good conditions, to develop and implement his or her gifts and talents and realize God’s calling in the life.


“Otchiy Dim” is charity not religious or political organization, which relies on Christian principles of mercy, kindness, empathy and readiness to help.

The main principle of our work is attachment to family life. We build and maintain family relations with those who is brought up at “Otchiy Dim” and with those who have left.

The child’s fate is always in the center of out attention. We look for the best ways to help him or her.

We are not a program or a branch of some foreign company. We are original organization. By learning experiences all over the world we create our own innovative work methods and get resources for realization of all the programs.  Financing of the activity is realized thanks to the charity donations of natural and juristic persons and grant funds.

Our work is transparent and fair. During our activity we got nearly 5 key partners. Our collaboration lasts almost 10 years. There are always guests in our centers. We hold conferences. We are open for new partners. Also we are thankful to those who support “Otchiy Dim” during all these years.

By our example we encourage state institutions and non-governmental organization to develop this kind of work and to reach new levels.

What is so special…

about “Otchiy Dim”?

  • Atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love, independently from previous life, behavior, successes or fails. Love helps a child to form self-reliance, wakes up self-respect. Unconditional love is the most important children’s need and one of the major preconditions for their good behavior.
  • Principle “we don’t teach what we don’t do” gives adults opportunity on their own example show children the model of positive behavior in communication, work and play activities, discharging of everyday duties, solving problems etc.
  • Stability and safety are guaranteed by well-planed accurate timetable. Children know the order and aren’t nervous when it is time to finish something and begin some other activity.
  • Simple and clear rules. Love anticipates prohibitions! Only love can make rules pleasant. Prohibitions are needed first of all for safety. Our rules are simple and clear for every child, correspond to the situation and his or her age. We are steadfast in maintaining rules but we try to be flexible when it concerns little children. By no means can we start with manifestation of authority. Approval and acceptance are two main components of upbringing with love.  
  • Individual approach: for everyone the unique rehabilitation and development program is created. It takes into consideration what child has gone through, his or her strong and weak traits.
  • Comfortable conditions meet all the children’s requirements: warmth, sanitation needs, good food, clean cozy rooms, clothes and shoes for all cases. 
  • Mercy. Few months after children get at “Otchiy Dim” we organize trips to the centers for disabled children, to the hospitals and to the boarding schools. Before going children prepare presents and concert. These events help to train dignity and ability to help weaker people. And the main point is to persuade that “it is more blessed to give than to receive”.
  • Dream about the Future. Often only at “Otchiy Dim” children discover bright sides of life: they go on excursions, walking trips, learn to make friends, improve their health, live in love and care. We persuade them that everything will be fine. We teach them to dream, to make plans and to set objects.

About Us

“Otchiy Dim” (Father's House) is charity organization founded by Roman Korniiko in 1996, which became response to the problem of children’s homelessness in Ukraine.

Today “Otchiy Dim” is integral system of innovative consecutive programs of complex rehabilitation and upbringing children who lived in dangerous conditions. Following adaptation to living in family aims to bring them back to their biological families or, if it isn’t possible, to prepare them for adoption or going into the independent life and integration in the society.