Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.

Otchiy Dim

At the heart of education, training, rehabilitation and social adaptation process of children who have lost parental care spiritual basis has to take place. We believe that Bible education is important as well as physical laws in the world.

We knew that we will reap what you have sowed. Our “Boomerang” had started not for the entertainment but for the special fruits receiving.

Program helps:             

-To bring together children and adults to experience the friendly atmosphere;

- Open the creativity and talents of each one of them to create conditions for their development;

- Set goals for their lives and achieve them;

- To show the beauty and perfection of God's plan for each person;

- Put the right found at ion for the future, and stops those "boomerangs" that we real ready launched in the lives of kids and start new ones.

Since February 2012 project help more than 100 children to restart their life.