Family Care Center

Family is a natural environment or child not orphanage and even the best Christian orphanage can’t replace family for the child. Child should be raised in the family. There are 1 230 orphans and children without parental care at institutions in Kiev region. Our Center focused at Kiev and Kiev region but we are open for children from all over Ukraine.

Our Center works with orphans and children without parental care providing them with opportunity to live and grow in a family environment. So children can see model of healthy Christian family and in the future reproduce it in their own families. Parents help children in studies, making decision about future profession; prepare them psychologically for adoption or independent living.

We have positive experience of our work. ​Since 2003 Family Care Center achieved following results:

250 children received help
170 children lived in family groups
60 children were adopted
16 children were placed with guardians
12 children reintegrated to their biological families

Full capacity of Family Care Centre — 45 children

Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.

Otchiy Dim