Pregnant women and women with children who are in difficult life situations benefit here from appropriate quality care in order to prevent abortion and child abandonment and to be enable to social integration and independent life be yond of the Centre.

Psychological, educational and living conditions are created in the Centre as close to home as possible, for pregnant women and women with children to live in it within agreed period of time. Women and children are living in separate apartments.

The objectives of the Centre is also to form a model of motherhood through conscious preparation for child birth and formation of skills of responsible parenthood—childcare, knowledge of development at different ages of child life, ability to play and communicate with the child.

Social Centre “Mother&Child” is operating since November 2012.

26 family receiver support in the course of 3 years. 20 mothers participating in the project become capable of caring for their children.

Today we support 6 families: 6 adults and 9 children

«Mother&Child together»  CENTER

Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.

Otchiy Dim