Alla Konovalenko

Financial Director

Nataliia Korniiko

Director of Center of Social Care for Children

Anastasiia Korniiko

Executive Director of "Ambassadors of Father’s House "

Anna Kuptsova

General Director


Nataliia Chesnova

Head of PR&FК  Department

+38 073 239-13-34

Nadiia Poveshchenko

Director of Family Care Center

Olena Zadorozhna

Head of the "New Family" Project

Oksana Lukina

Director of Center of socio-psychological rehabilitation

Roman Korniiko

President of NGO "Otchiy Dim" 

Mykola Giruk

Head of International Relations and Cooperation Department

Petro Reviuk


Nataliia Mykhailova

Head of the Educational Project "Source"

Nadiia Tymoshenko

Head of the "Boomerang" Project

Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.

Otchiy Dim