Our Vision, Mission and Approach

Help a parentless child, restore a generation and unlock the future.

Otchiy Dim (Father’s House) is non-governmental charity organisation, founded in 1966 by Dr Roman Korniiko as a response to the problem of child homelessness in Ukraine. Today, we are a unique network of innovative programs designed for the rehabilitation of children living in dangerous conditions. Our responsive and complex system aims first and foremost to bring children back to their biological families safely and with full support from our social workers. Where this is not possible, we either guide them through the process of adoption, or prepare them for an independent and integrated adult life.

We are based in Petrivske Village, 5 km out of the city of Kyiv, where we have a care centre for working with orphans and children deprived of parental care, known as Otchiy Dim House. We also have projects based in Petrivske, Kyiv and Radomyshl' which reach out to orphans, children with disabilities, elderly people, children at risk, and those in need of humanitarian aid.

Our Vision

At Father’s House, we envision a Ukraine in which every child has the opportunity to explore and fulfil their potential. We are striving towards a future in which no child is denied their right to good social conditions, education or spiritual nourishment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver holistic, timely and reliable social care to children at risk. In doing so, we seek to restore a generation and create a brighter future.

Our Approach

Father’s House ensures that the child is always at the centre of decision making. We conduct our work according to the following core principles:

  • The importance of the family
  • The Judeo-Christian ethic for compassion, kindness and empathy
  • Human dignity and the Rights of the Child
  • Transparency, fairness and accountability

The path to rehabilitation and reintegration is a complex process. Accordingly, our approach is systematic, yet always leaves room for innovation. We focus both on sustainability and adaptability to ensure that we meet the individual needs of every child who comes into our care.

At Father’s House, we promise to:

  • Create an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional love. Regardless of past conditions, behaviours, successes or hardships, we believe that love awakens a feeling of self-belief in a child and is one of the most important preconditions to their ability to succeed.
  • Lead by example. Our team acts as a model of good behaviour in communication, work and play, in order to provide the children in their care with a positive example.
  • Guarantee safety and stability. Our programs are well-planned, and activities are timetabled to foster normality and routine in a child’s life.
  • Establish simple and clear rules. Safety is a top priority, and we make sure that our rules correspond to each child’s needs, situation and age. We are flexible where necessary and start from a platform of approval and acceptance.
  • Deliver an individual approach for every child. We create a unique development program for each and every child who comes into our care, taking into consideration their past experiences, their needs and their personality.
  • Provide comfortable conditions. Warmth, cozy accommodation, clean facilities, food, clothes and shoes.
  • Teach the values of dignity and compassion. We organise opportunities for the children at Otchiy Dim House to visit hospitals and centres for disabled children. The children prepare concerts, bring gifts and spend time talking and making new friends. We wish to instill the message that it is more blessed to give than receive.
  • Encourage each child to dream about their future. In all leisure activities, we encourage children to learn, make new friends, value their health, and live in love and care. We teach them to make plans, to establish goals, and to dream.

In order to uphold our principles in everything we do, we are a charity without association to any government or religion. We are supported by the financial backing of our incredibly generous donors from around the world, and by grants and funds from government institutions and individuals who share our vision. We seek to lead by best-practice example in all that we do and continue to share our experience with state institutions and other organisations working the realm of family and social services.