One of the most important tasks of Father’s House is to prepare young people who have lost parental care for an independent and integrated life in their community. There is a significant lack of support and housing for teenagers deprived of parental care and those leaving state institutions. 

The New Family Centre promotes and facilitates the adoption of orphaned children into new families. We source potential adoptive parents for our database, provide practical assistance in the adoption process, and provide new parents with educational materials, teaching manuals, workshops and family bonding camps. 

For the past 20 years, Treasure Island has formed an important part of the Father’s House rehabilitation program. The aim is to reach out to children living in difficult conditions, introduce them to the Father’s House project, and the let them know that someone is looking out for them.

The importance of family life is central to the Father’s House approach. While we know that no orphanage or care facility can fully compensate for the lack of a family in a child’s life, we strive to surround the children we support with everything a family embodies: unconditional love, guidance and a positive example.

The aim of the Mother and Child Together Centre is to provide expectant and new mothers for childbirth and parenthood. In doing so, we aim to reduce rates of child abandonment and facilitate social integration for women and children in challenging situations.

   Delivering help and support to orphans and children deprived of parental care is central to the Father’s House mission. Too often, these are children are living in environments characterised by poverty, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, unemployment, and little or no parental skills. These issues are exacerbated by insufficient government response and lack of initiative for developing the capacity of the family.

Today unstable political, economic and social situation in country mainly caused by Russian Federation's invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory and as the result significant social problems in the Ukrainian society in general and in social sphere in particular.

Father’s House was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic for compassion, kindness and empathy. We believe that spiritual nourishment is a vital part of the rehabilitation process, for its ability to foster self-worth and human connection.

Help a parentless child, restore a generation and unlock the future.