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Otchiy Dim

Tresure Island

​​Give a child the chance to see the summer
200 children are waiting for the vacation.Your help is important!
Every 215 USD  allow to rest in the summer camp  to one more child.

Every summer for the last 19 years the summer camp Treasure Island is working for the special children. Over 1000 of them had their happy recreation in the camp.Treasure Island is an important part of Father`s Home rehabilitation program.From 1998 to 2007 it was taking place on the small island located on Desenkariver, Kiev region. From 2008 the Treasure Island program moved to Kerch town, located on the Black seaseaside, to the comfortable house. In the summer 2017 Treasure Island will take place in Odessa region, on the seaside again. At the moment we are getting prepared and looking for the supporters to bring the children to the Treasure Island-2017. 

                                                                                              What is Treasure Island?

Why it is conducted on the island? In 1995 the Father`s Home team started working with the homeless children. The attempts to bring those children right from the street to the comfortable house, having normal hygienic conditions, clean and nicely furnished bedrooms and dining room were not very successful. The difference with the street was cutting. This is why we decided to create for those children the transfer zone from the street conditions to the Father`s Home comfort. This idea was successfully put in life in 1998.

Why we call it a Treasure Island? Because we consider every child as a treasure we would like to save for us and our country.

The Treasure Island program includes a lot of sport activities, walking tours etc. Every year in the end of May the group of volunteers is coming to install the Treasure Island: the tent houses, where up to 75 children will be living and resting, supervised and supported by 10 adults-leaders.

When the children come to Treasure Island, we form the groups each of 5 children and 1 leader, who istaking care of them 24 hours a day. 

This is the way initial rehabilitation and adaptation of the street children was taking the start. During 3 months they were learning the new way of life: sleeping in the bed without the outdoor clothing, taking a shower, washing, cleaning their teeth, operating the spoon and fork, communicating without the swear words.

The leaders are organizing various games, competitions, tours, discussions. Children have an opportunity to try the multiple activities: cooking, theater, creative artworks, handcrafting, drawing, etc.

Gradually with time and interaction in the natural conditions, the leaders-mentors were getting to know a lot about every child: their life before the Treasure Island in the families and in the streets, their real names and places of living. The leaders were demonstrating the children advantages of the healthy life, communicating without the swear words, supporting the friendly atmosphere. 

These conditions of living create a lot of opportunities for the open talks with every child face to face, friendly sessions around the fire and in the tent before going to bed.

During the island time it was getting clear if the child is willing to change the way of life. Some of them after the Treasure Island were coming back to the families or the orphanages they escaped earlier. Some of the children were joining the Centre of social child care at Father`s Home, where the further rehabilitation was continued.

Father`s Home has a fruitful cooperation with the Services of the child care in Kyiv and the region. It benefited the substantial decrease of the homeless children number, and Father`s Home started working in the area of prevention: a lot of children from the crisis families were directed to the Father`s Home by thesestate partners.

With time the age of children admitted to the Island has decreased: initially it were 11-14 years old, now the age is 2 – 11 years old. The age of children created the need in more comfortable conditions, without cold, rainy and humid days which often happen in Kyiv region even in summer time. This is why from 2008 the Treasure Island was located in Kerch town, Crimea. After the annex of peninsula in 2014-2016 the tent camp moved back to the island in Kyiv.

It is important to notice that the Treasure Island is not the tents and equipment, whatever vital it is, but the children and the team of adult professionals, ready to organize the camp at any location which is good for the children. Besides, the camp leaders are following the children at the Centre of social service, at Father`s Home, which is very favorable for the children and making their adaptation to the new place and conditions easier.

Our payment details, USD:

BENEFICIARY:    NGO “AssociationofSocialProjects “OtchiyDim”


BANK OF BENEFICIARY:  Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

BENEFICIARY ADDRESS:  UA04116  Kyiv city street 15 Wanda Wasilewskaap.17

IBAN Code:UA423218420000026002053157874



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BENEFICIARY:  NGO “AssociationofSocialProjects “OtchiyDim”

BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT:   26002053155081

BANK OF BENEFICIARY: Privatbank, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


BENEFICIARY ADDRESS:  UA04116  Kyiv city street 15 Wanda Wasilewska ap.1

IBAN Code:UA843218420000026002053155081

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