Youth Support

«Step to Independence»

Otchiy Dim

One of the most important tasks of Youth Centre, directed to the youth who have lost parental care, is to provide temporary accommodation and prepare young steps for independent living in the community, because success full social adaptation (readiness for marriage, choice of profession, organization of life, leisure, communication) decisive depends on extent of formation in young people skills independently resolve issues of organization of their own life, sustenance, ability to form social relationships.

During the transformation, our society have significant problems with living place organization of children who have lost parental care and especially care leavers of state institutions. Almost destroyed the system of placing the child after studying profession (generally receive workers' occupations), and obtaining decision on home or dorm room. It occurs as a result of insufficient training of graduates to more – less skilled labor, and because of the unwillingness administration institutions, enterprises to hire such employee also because he/she legally entitled to benefits.

Project started in August 2012. 18 young adults received support in the course of 2,5 years.

 Full capacity of Youth Centre— 30 young people.

Today we have organized accommodation and support for 13 young people.

Help a fatherless child and you’ll restore a generation, unlock the future and influence history.